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Today, one can find countless translation devices and resources online; naturally, some of these resources are better than others, and in seeking a professional English-French or French-English translator it is important that you choose carefully...

Why, therefore, should you contact me for your English-French translation requirements?

Many of the online resources are both automated and free to use; these software driven English-French translation devices are fit for purpose only for identifying isolated words - they simply do not have the "intelligence" built-in to consistently construct even simple phrases, and are the translational equivalent of a novelty toy.

A large number of "real" English-French translators claim to be professional (and of course, many of them are!); notwithstanding that, many of them are anything but professional - and unwary clients can end up paying good money for translated texts which are little better than (and in many cases identical to) those texts generated by the free, automated translation services.

It is important then, that you can be confident in the abilities of your chosen English-French or French-English translator; why not then, check out my testimonials?

I can deliver polished and accurate translations - translations which, will not only be faithful to the original, but will also capture and reflect both the flavour and the nuances of the target language - whether that target language is English or French.

Whether you need English-French or French-English translations of administrative, business, literary, publicity or technical documents, I can provide the very best of my considerable international experience and language expertise to deliver word perfect translated copies.

My motto is: “Translation: so much more than mere word substitution”.

I thank you for your interest, and invite you to contact me so that I may fulfil all of your English-French translation requirements.

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