Work History

Translation for International Organisation
English-French translation of various documents related to work legislation, evaluation, gender, social justice, decent work, etc. for the International Labour Office based in Geneva, Switzerland
Labour laws, Pedagogy, Gender

Translation of website
English-French translation of the French sub-domain of CV-Central website

Translation of scientific book
French-English translation of a 290-page book titled:
"Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer" published by ISTE & Wiley in 2008
Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Proofreading research articles
Proofreading a large number of scientific articles written in English by Russian colleagues in order to make them publishable in specialised journals
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)

Translation of script
French-English translation of the 35-page script of a video show titled "The Forgotten Temple" performed by Saint Etienne planetarium
Astronomy & Space

Translation of publicity brochure
French-English translation of a 4-page brochure publicising
Saint Etienne National Engineering College
Construction / Civil Engineering, Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Translation of syllabus
French-English translation of the whole Civil and Mechanical Engineering syllabus of
Saint Etienne National Engineering College
Construction / Civil Engineering, Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Translation of official documents
French-English and English-French translation of a large amount of official documents produced by the Heads of the University of Portsmouth (UK) and Saint Etienne National Engineering College (F) including official correspondence, meeting notes, European grant applications, partnership agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, syllabuses, etc...
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Education / Pedagogy

Translation of research papers
French-English translation of various research papers and articles related to tribology, manufacturing, laser welding, laser cladding, material science
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Engineering: Industrial

Translation of meeting notes
English-French translation of a large amount of meeting notes compiled by Rotary Club International General Secretary
Education / Pedagogy

Translation of technical documents
French- English translation of various technical documents describing the construction process of dwelling units by Cité Nouvelle, a company based in Saint Etienne
Construction / Civil Engineering

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