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After more than forty years spent teaching English as a foreign language in various French establishments ranging from secondary school to university level, I ended my career as Director of International Relations at one of France's top-ranking Engineering Colleges.

In that capacity it was my responsibility to initiate, set up, develop, monitor and assess staff and student exchange programmes with a large number of industrial and academic institutions all over the world. Thus I created a solid network of 50 partner establishments located in 21 countries over the 5 continents.

As I had to "sell" my college abroad, it was absolutely necessary to use documents in English; since none of these were available when I took up the job, I started to translate academic, administrative, publicity and technical documentation to underpin my presentations abroad. This is how it all started... Then a number of my colleagues came to me asking either to help with the writing of their research papers or translate their articles and even their books sometimes... My translation work was both from French to English and English to French.

And then I found out that translating technical and scientific documents could be of interest although my background was related to literature.

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