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Today, one can find countless translation devices and resources online; naturally, some of these resources are better than others, and in seeking a professional English-French or French-English translator it is important that you choose carefully...

Why, therefore, should you contact me for your English-French translation requirements?

Many of the online resources are both automated and free to use; these software driven English-French translation devices are fit for purpose only for identifying isolated words - they simply do not have the "intelligence" built-in to consistently construct even simple phrases, and are the translational equivalent of a novelty toy.

A large number of "real" English-French translators claim to be professional (and of course, many of them are!); notwithstanding that, many of them are anything but professional - and unwary clients can end up paying good money for translated texts which are little better than (and in many cases identical to) those texts generated by the free, automated translation services.

It is important then, that you can be confident in the abilities of your chosen English-French or French-English translator; why not then, check out my testimonials?

I can deliver polished and accurate translations - translations which, will not only be faithful to the original, but will also capture and reflect both the flavour and the nuances of the target language - whether that target language is English or French.

Whether you need English-French or French-English translations of administrative, business, literary, publicity or technical documents, I can provide the very best of my considerable international experience and language expertise to deliver word perfect translated copies.

My motto is: “Translation: so much more than mere word substitution”.

I thank you for your interest, and invite you to contact me so that I may fulfil all of your English-French translation requirements.

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About Robert Meillier

After more than forty years spent teaching English as a foreign language in various French establishments ranging from secondary school to university level, I ended my career as Director of International Relations at one of France's top-ranking Engineering Colleges.

In that capacity it was my responsibility to initiate, set up, develop, monitor and assess staff and student exchange programmes with a large number of industrial and academic institutions all over the world. Thus I created a solid network of 50 partner establishments located in 21 countries over the 5 continents.

As I had to "sell" my college abroad, it was absolutely necessary to use documents in English; since none of these were available when I took up the job, I started to translate academic, administrative, publicity and technical documentation to underpin my presentations abroad. This is how it all started... Then a number of my colleagues came to me asking either to help with the writing of their research papers or translate their articles and even their books sometimes... My translation work was both from French to English and English to French.

And then I found out that translating technical and scientific documents could be of interest although my background was related to literature.

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Accueil Robert Meillier (Français)

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Robert Meillier's CV

Robert Meillier's CV in English

Robert Meillier's CV in French

My CV can also be viewed and downloaded in Word format:

Robert Meillier CV in English (Word doc)
Robert Meillier CV in French (Word doc)

Thank you for your interest.

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Recent work history

Translation for International Organisation
English-French translation of various documents related to work legislation, evaluation, gender, social justice, decent work, etc. for the International Labour Office based in Geneva, Switzerland
Labour laws, Pedagogy, Gender

Translation of website
English-French translation of the French sub-domain of CV-Central website

Translation of scientific book
French-English translation of a 290-page book titled:
"Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer" published by ISTE & Wiley in 2008
Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Proofreading research articles
Proofreading a large number of scientific articles written in English by Russian colleagues in order to make them publishable in specialised journals
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)

Translation of script
French-English translation of the 35-page script of a video show titled "The Forgotten Temple" performed by Saint Etienne planetarium
Astronomy & Space

Translation of publicity brochure
French-English translation of a 4-page brochure publicising
Saint Etienne National Engineering College
Construction / Civil Engineering, Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Translation of syllabus
French-English translation of the whole Civil and Mechanical Engineering syllabus of
Saint Etienne National Engineering College
Construction / Civil Engineering, Mechanics / Mech Engineering

Translation of official documents
French-English and English-French translation of a large amount of official documents produced by the Heads of the University of Portsmouth (UK) and Saint Etienne National Engineering College (F) including official correspondence, meeting notes, European grant applications, partnership agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, syllabuses, etc...
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Education / Pedagogy

Translation of research papers
French-English translation of various research papers and articles related to tribology, manufacturing, laser welding, laser cladding, material science
Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Engineering: Industrial

Translation of meeting notes
English-French translation of a large amount of meeting notes compiled by Rotary Club International General Secretary
Education / Pedagogy

Translation of technical documents
French- English translation of various technical documents describing the construction process of dwelling units by Cité Nouvelle, a company based in Saint Etienne
Construction / Civil Engineering

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Accueil Robert Meillier (Français)

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Professor Meillier's recently translated the French section of CV Central (at; it was a pleasure for us to work with a man who is a true professional, and we are delighted to recommend a man of such ability. Thank you Prof Meillier!
Martin Kearns
Managing Partner, CV-Central

Robert has made an English translation of our book, written in French, dedicated to the numerical simulation of heat transfer phenomena. In spite of the very technical character of the subject, this work has been achieved in time with a high quality level.
Jean-Michel Bergheau
Head of Research at the National Engineering College of Saint-Etienne

The show whose script was translated by Robert Meillier was successfully exported to a number of English-speaking countries, which is an indication of the quality of his work.
Ghaouti Hansali
Director of Saint-Etienne Planetarium

The translation of the syllabuses was a hard task since it required a large amount of technical knowledge in the fields of Civil and Mechanical Engineering; the result achieved was of outstanding quality and highly regarded by all those who need it.
Prof Bernard Laget
President of the National Engineering College of Saint-Etienne

The translation delivered was excellent and so professional that this brochure is now the major document used to introduce our institution to our potential foreign partners.
Prof Bernard Laget
President of the National Engineering College of Saint-Etienne

Robert Meillier's ability to translate conversation and documentation is beyond question. He also has excellent personal qualities which helped ensure the great success of the project. He is tolerant and patient, he mixes well and is easily liked.
Graham White
Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Portsmouth, UK

The translation of articles for high level international journals is a delicate task: The scientific content should remain intact, the presentation should be clear, the terminology should be correct. I was pleased to find all the above problems solved.
Prof Igor Smurov
Head of DIPI Laboratory, National Engineering College of Saint-Etienne

Robert is excellent and very accurate in all his translation work. As a linguist myself I have always admired his skills.
Arthur Bowden, General Secretary, Rotary Club International, Wilton, UK

Very accurate translation and fast worker. We're glad we could work with you!
Sébastien Nguyen
Civil Engineer at Cité Nouvelle, Saint-Etienne

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Accueil Robert Meillier (Français)

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